Bromyard’s Town Crier and Town Criers Festival

Peder Nielsen Town Crier


Bromyard’s Town Crier, Peder Nielsen, is at the hub of many of Bromyard’s activities and can be seen at the opening of most of the town’s many festivals; attends shop openings and business events and promotions and assists the town’s Mayor at all kinds of civic functions.

Our Town Crier also represents Bromyard at Town Criers’ festivals and competitions around the country providing publicity for our tourism businesses and bringing visitors into Bromyard.

Peder also offers historic guided walks of Bromyard. You can find more details here on the Bromyard Arts Community website.

Every year Peder hosts the Bromyard International Town Criers’ Festival on the first Bank Holiday weekend in May. This colourful event attracts criers from throughout the UK with visitors also arriving from Europe. This website is to publicise both the festival and the other benefits that our Town Crier brings to Bromyard.

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